October 14, 2017 pabarnes24

JULY: MABJ PUBLIC FORUM: Bridge Protest, One year later

On Monday, July 10th , MABJ held a public forum.  The theme was: Bridge Protest: One year later.  On July 10, 2016, about 1,000 people marched along the I-40 bridge during a protest that shut down the bridge for four hours.  The historic protest came after the black officer involved shooting deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.  Protestors in Memphis said they wanted to put a stop to officers killing African American men and women. 

They also demanded positive changes in the city of Memphis.  Last year, protestors asked the city to investigate public works spending and requested more funding for African American businesses to help reflect the city’s demographics.  They asked to see an increase in community and youth empowerment initiatives and requested sensitivity training for officers.

MABJ held the public forum on the anniversary to discuss how media, community leaders, public officials and citizens were impacted by the protest last year.  The purpose of the public forum was to discuss what positive and negative changes have taken place since the protest and what are long-term and short-term solutions.  Many MABJ members cove


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