May 24, 2017 pabarnes24

MABJ General Body Meeting: From Boss Crump to King Willie

On Saturday, May 20th, the MABJ held a general body meeting, discussing race and Memphis politics.

WREG Political Commentator and U of M Journalism Professor, Otis Sanford, was our speaker. He authored “From Boss Crump to King Willie: How Race Changed Memphis Politics;”  a historical narrative about Memphis politics.

During the meeting, we discussed topics such as the political evolution of Memphis during the 20th century and what happened leading up to the election of Dr. Willie W. Herenton (who had the longest serving term in Memphis history).

In 1939, Memphis had four mayors in a day in a half because of the shenanigans of Boss Crump.

Those four mayors included Crump himself, Watkins Overton, Walter Chandler, and Clifford Davis. The book expounds on what these men added to the history of the city. 

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